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À partir de 69 € chambre pour 1à 2 personnes. tarif hors saison
Auberge de l'Orisse
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À partir de 69 € chambre pour 1à 2 personnes. tarif hors saison
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Our top 3 local products of the Allier

Do you want to discover the flavors of Bourbonnais?

You are in the right place!

Allier is a department with 1001 facets. You can also recharge your batteries thanks to its calm and its green landscapes, or take a leap into the past by discovering the golden age of the Bourbon Dynasty. But also taste its culinary specialties that will awaken your taste buds, the time of a stopover or during a well-deserved vacation.

The idea of our team is to make you want to come and stay at the Auberge de l'Orisse, and to take advantage of it to succumb to the Allier's gastronomy, which is the pride of its inhabitants.

Among a range of local products, we have selected just for you, our 3 favorite products:
  • For red meat lovers:

Who says Allier thinks Charolais!

And yes, you suspected it! We honor the famous white cow, known for the quality of its meat, which melts in the mouth!

Fed essentially with grass, this breed flourishes in the bocage lands. This makes the Allier department home to more than 500,000 cows of the meat breed.

In the form of roast, filet, tartar, hamburger, Charolais will delight you in all its forms!


  • For lovers of good wines:

To accompany the specialties of the Allier, a good glass of Saint-Pourçain wine is highly recommended!

This beverage of controlled appellation of origin (AOC) is declined in two colors:
  • The red wine: light and fruity, from a sumptuous blend of gamay and pinot noir.
  • The white wine: still or sparkling.
  • For the greediest:

Taste the Palet d'or!

Created in Moulins at the end of the 20th century, the Palet d'Or is a chocolate made with a ganache made from a mixture of chocolate and fresh cream, lightly flavored with coffee.

How to recognize it?
It has the particularity of being covered by small gold leaves.

A little anecdote?
This little delicacy was so popular that it was copied many times. A certain chocolate maker even went so far as to patent the name "Palet d'Or"!
A happy ending for its creator Bernard Sérardy who finally got back this coveted name.

You will have many opportunities to savor the local products of the Allier region, which you will discover on your plate in our restaurant, or on the stalls of the local markets.

So, see you soon at the Auberge de l'Orisse, for a very tasty trip!
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