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Our favorite castles in Allier

Discover the heritage and castles of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region!

You are visiting the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and you wish to discover the heritage of the Allier? Our team presents you today its favorite castles, practical information but also the prices!

The Castle of La Palice

Let's first discover the Château de la Palice, a castle overlooking the Besbre river.
With a Renaissance style unique in Europe, this castle has a living room with a gilded ceiling from the 15th century. With symmetrical wooden diamond shapes painted and gilded with leaf, you will also have the opportunity to admire its 15th century tapestries.

For the more curious, we suggest you discover now the virtual visit of the Château de la Palice.

Opening hours :

The castle organizes guided tours from Wednesday to Monday from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:30 pm to 6 pm from April 1st to November 1st. It also offers a free visit of the park from April 1st to November 1st from 9:30 am to 6 pm.

This castle is located about 22 minutes by car from our Hotel Auberge de L'Orisse in Varennes.


The Castle of the Dukes of Bourbon

This emblematic castle of the Bourbonnais is part of the region's heritage. Built at the end of the 14th century, it has a dungeon nicknamed "la Mal Coiffée" because its roof is truncated.
It was transformed into a prison before the French revolution and kept as such until 1983.

During the visits of the castle, you will discover the prison past as well as the families of the Dukes of Bourbon.

This castle is located about 30 minutes by car from our Hotel Auberge de L'Orisse in Varennes.

Rates :

To visit the castle of the Dukes of Bourbon, you will have to enter through the Anne-de-Beaujeu museum.
The rates are 5,00€ for the full price and 3,00€ for the reduced price for the 16/25 years old.
The entrance is free for children under 17 years old.

Opening hours:

Visits are daily from 10am to 7pm, until August 31st, with tours departing at 10:30am, 11am, 2:30pm, 3pm, 3:30pm, 4pm, 4:30pm, 5pm and 5:30pm.

We advise you to visit the website of the Château des Ducs de Bourbon to learn more about its history.


The Castle of Augère Saint Marc

Discover this castle built at the end of the 100 years war and admire its rich and ancestral culture. This castle which represents one of the oldest monuments of the city is nevertheless very alive on the nature and on the venery. Its particularity that makes it all the more majestic is that it is located on a background surrounded by water.

The Château de l'Augère is also an animated castle, thanks to the possibility of visiting within the outbuildings, a museum of the venry, the life of the forest as well as of nature. You will also be able to discover a gallery of works of art and a park of sheep, some of which are very rare.

This castle is located about 18 minutes by car from our Hotel Auberge de L'Orisse in Varennes.


Visits to the castle

Visits to the castle are allowed from May to November, these are guided tours of the exterior but also the interior, plan on about 1 hour.

Prices :

A ticket office is present at the entrance of the castle, with a rate of 7,50€ for adults, 3,50€ for children under 12 years old.
The castle also offers a group rate of 6,00€ per person.

Opening hours:

For visits in May, June and September, visits are allowed on weekends and holidays from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
Visits for the months of July and August take place every day from 2pm to 6pm.

If you want to know more about the Château de l'Augère, please visit the website of the castle.

Want to stay a few days in the Allier?

Our Hotel Auberge de l'Orisse, located 15 minutes by car from Vichy, welcomes you in a green setting for a relaxing vacation. 
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